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2nd Saturday: Brainery Bazaar

Sigriet Ferrer of Prismatic Gardens had a bright idea!

Sigriet Ferrer of Prismatic Gardens had a bright idea!

June 14
10:00 – 6:00
Brainery Bazaar

Village Gate
274 North Goodman Street
Rochester, NY

Peaches Products
Prismatic Gardens

You can never go wrong with the delicate creatures needle felted by Casey Wright of Peaches Products

You can never go wrong with the delicate creatures needle felted by Casey Wright of Peaches Products

Why You’re Not Getting Sales at Craft Shows

The list from Handmadeology is about Etsy sales but many of these are relevant to sales at craft shows and art fairs too.

There are several things that usually jump out at me about items I see for sale at these type of events:

11. Your items don’t stand out.
If you’re selling the same bracelet as at least 12 other Sellers on Etsy, then you are competing on price. (That’s a race to the bottom you really don’t want to be a part of.) Being unique and different is the easiest and most sincere way to direct browsers to your Etsy shop. And when other less creative sellers catch on and start copying you? You’ll already be developing and listing even more unique and different products for them to scramble over.

If people are walking past your booth and saying, “I could make that,” they probably can. Will they? Maybe not. But still – consider honing your skills to such a level, using such amazing materials, that you only hear the opposite, “Wow, I could never do what you do!”

Needle Felted Creatures by Casey Wright of Peaches Products, now available at Fairport Pharmacy

Needle Felted Creatures by Casey Wright of Peaches Products, now available at Fairport Pharmacy

19. Your shop is all over the place.
A cohesive shop not only speaks of a strong brand, but keeps the browser from feeling overwhelmed with scattered product options. A little tailoring and trimming goes a long way towards presenting a more fluid storefront.

I’ve seen spaces that offer so many different types of products, instead of seeing all, I see nothing, my brain is too overwhelmed. Is this person a jewelry designer, fiber artist or candle maker? I feel like it looks a little desperate. “I can make all of these things – please like something!”

Along the same line, I’ve made the mistake of thinking I should be using every inch of real estate in my booth. When I participated in the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair in 2013, I worked really hard to use my 3′ x 4′ of table space to the fullest. I filled the 4′ wide and went vertical as well. I thought I was so clever. In real life, I couldn’t interact with my customers easily and it was all just too much. Less is more and finding the right balance is important.

I must have deleted, out of embarrassment, any photos I took of my overcrowded space at the 2013 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair – so instead I’ll show you how it’s done simply, correctly and beautiful!

28. You look like a faceless corporation.
Most shoppers on Etsy want the personal touch of buying form an individual, or at least from a small company. If everything looks like it’s been taken from a stock photo website, and there is little to no voice in your written content, you may be getting confused with a massive reseller as a brand. A few personal touches, sprinkled in your product descriptions, photography, and packaging can go a long way in having you recognized as the one-of-a-kind individual you are.

This goes along with something I’ve been wanting to write about for a long time but it’s such a huge hot button for me, I haven’t been able to figure out how to take a breath and write calmly and rationally.

I visit a lot of artist websites and Facebook pages. A lot. My number one pet peeve is when I can’t find the artist’s actual name. People like to know who they are buying from! My second pet peeve is when there is little to no contact information. I dislike the comment form on websites but I understand why people use them. I’m also not a big fan of or Even just a is way more personal. And when Facebook went to that ridiculous format where they changed everyone’s primary email address to, for example, I about lost my mind. And now this Ask For Stefani’s Phone Number, etc. business? Pul-ease! Are you in business or not? Be accessible. If I have to work too hard to figure out who someone is, I lose interest. I rarely connect with anyone on any social media if they haven’t even changed their profile pic or avatar from the generic one that comes with the service. Sorry, you bore me. Be there or don’t.

To be clear, I’m only talking about business pages. If you’re a security freak or worried about spam, maybe an online presence isn’t for you. To me, spam filters are so sophisticated these days, I honestly have to deal with very little spam. I glance over my Junk Folder before I delete the emails, done.

This is obviously my opinion about what works for me, but I really think the possible opportunities missed far outweigh any negative results from making your business personal and accessible.

Here is the article that got me thinking about all this today. 50 Reasons You’re Not Getting Etsy Sales, by Megan Peterson.

Mayday is May 3 at Village Gate

05-03-14 Mayday Header 400

May 3
10:00 – 4:00
Mayday Underground Crafts + Art

Village Gate Atrium
274 North Goodman Street
Rochester, NY 14605

Cat Clay
Chicory Farm and Inn
Circuit Breaker Labs
Crimson Iris Kusudamas
Emily J Photo Decor
Fiber Lingo 1st Place in Fiber & Best in Show, 2013 Brockport Arts Festival
Fly Rabbit Press
Flying Whale Studios2013 Best in Show, Art in the Park; 2013 2nd Place in Photography, Hammondsport Art Show; 2013 Best in Show Merit Award, Clothesline Art Festival, 2013 1st Place in Photography, Canandaigua Christkindl Market
Herban Living by Elisabeth
JackBear Stamps
Karin Marlett Choi
Kira Arts
Lil Minda’s ARTicles
Mealy Monster Land
Peaches Products
Prismatic Gardens
Pure Joy Co.
Sage Studios
Shiny Bits Jewelry
Sunshine on Water
Sunshyne Silverwear
Sweet Pea Felts

There will be FREE swag bags for the first 50 shoppers, filled with awesome goodies from our Mayday vendors! Bring a Mayday postcard from around town and you’ll get a raffle ticket for a chance to win handmade awesomeness! There is ample free parking on site.

05-03-14 Mayday Mosaic

Double Your Mayday Fun!

City Ad

Mayday Underground organizers Amanda Preske and Casey Wright listen to their artists – and so have decided to try a two-day show! Artists could apply for either day or both.

Isn’t it interesting that it’s the successful shows who ask how to improve? Poorly run shows never ask! I guess they don’t know how much they don’t know.

Following their now tradition of the May show being held at the Village Gate Atrium, the fall show will be held at the Main Street Armory. It’s an interesting old building – worth the price of admission (free!) just to see it, including the ladies room! And the first 25 shoppers through the door, receive a swag bag containing items donated by the artists. It’s noteworthy to mention, there’s always a line, waiting for the doors to open at 10:00.

I was telling a fellow artist the other day, a Mayday regular, that I remember going to the first show they held 4 years ago. It was in an old building on St. Paul, if I remember correctly. There was all this talk about an “indie” show and I had to see for myself what it was all about. I admit, I was skeptical – so skeptical I didn’t apply, which is a little unusual for me. Unlike some artists, I don’t mind trying a show in its first year, getting in on the ground floor, so to speak.

So I went to see for myself. Oh. Now I get it! I’ve been a fan ever since and have been honored to be accepted to a number of the shows.

Every May and November, when the acceptances come out, there’s a big brouhaha on our Rochester Artisans email list created by people unhappy they were not accepted. Like over the top, excessively unhappy. I honestly don’t get it. No other show seems to elicit this type of response.

I think it’s ageism, to be honest. Amanda and Casey are young women putting on a highly competitive show. And what’s this “indie” all about, anyway? Humans tend to attack what they don’t understand.

Simply put, “indie” is using traditional materials in new ways (embroidery done in a tattoo style) or using new materials in traditional ways (weaving baskets with computer cable). Ha! I started to type weaving baskets with telephone wire but that’s actually an old material in these wireless, cellular days.

I probably should not have brought up the brouhaha – because miraculously, it didn’t happen for this November show! Maybe we’ve finally hashed it to death. Amen! As I like to say, “There are a bazillion other shows and they just freed you up to apply to another show that is more suitable to your craft and where you’ll be more successful.”

It’s also a Sample Soap collection site so kindly Sample Soap Logobring your personal care items (toothpaste, toothbrushes, unopened toiletries, lotions, diapers, cosmetics). Sample Soap distributes them to the neediest citizens in the Greater Rochester, NY area.

And the Flower City Follies will be performing on Sunday at 3:00.

I highly recommend you stop by this weekend and see all the wonderful artists selling their handcrafted goods.

November 2 & 3
10:00 – 6:00
Mayday Underground Crafts + Art

Rochester Main Street Armory
900 East Main Street
Rochester, NY

Beadwork by Amanda
Fly Rabbit Press
Francesca DeCaire
Peaches Products3rd Place in Mixed Media, Corn Hill Art Festival 2013
Pine Tree Designs 2013 RPO Bravo Award Winner; 2013 Honorable Mention at Artist Row (Saturday only.)
Simplesong Studio
Sunshyne Silverwear

RA Mayday Collage

Corn Hill Arts Festival

Corn Hill Arts Festival Poster 2013

You can’t swing a dead cat at this weekend’s Corn Hill Festival, without hitting a Rochester Artisan! There is a ton of hand crafted goodness in the names listed below. I hope you get to visit each and every one – they should be easy to spot with their yellow and black Proud Member of Rochester Artisans signs.

July 13 & 14
Saturday, 10:00 – 6:00
Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00
Corn Hill Arts Festival

Corn Hill Neighborhood
Rochester, NY

The Bent Utensil
Bliss Designs
BS Pottery
Carol Ann Bosek Artisan Jewelry Designs
The Cranky Cat Collection
Creekside Art and Pottery
Dragon Moon Creations
Ear Cuff Designs
Francesca DeCaire
GemX Jewelry Design
Gina’s One of a Kind Jewelry
Hand Candy Mittens2012 Award Winner, Remsen Barn Festival of the Arts; 3rd Place 2013 Keuka Arts Festival
Hilltop Pottery
Marusca Gatto Glassworks
Mary Catherman1st Place in Glass, 2013 Springtime in Canandaigua; 1st Place in Glass at 2013 Allentown
mcl designs
Patricia Terziani
Peaches Products
PS Enjoy Your Life
Pysanky by Mia2012 Best of Show Award, Central NY Maple Festival; Award Winner, Remsen Barn Festival of the Arts and 2012 Award of Distinction, 3-D Mixed Media, Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival
Suki Handmade Jewelry
Sunshyne Silverwear
Theorems and ThingsBest in Show, Cooperstown 2012
Woodland Wisp Jewelry Creations

~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~

And don’t forget to swing by the Corn Cob Festival, right next to the Corn Hill Arts Festival!

July 13 & 14
Saturday, 10:00 – 6:00
Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00
Corn Cob Festival

First Church of God
Atkinson Street
Rochester, NY

Generous Spirit Jewelry Design
Mary Terziani Glass2nd Place in Glass, Brockport Arts Festival, 2012
Small Town Girl

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