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Call for Artists: Cobblestone’s 7th Annual Summer Fun Festival and Art Sale

2016 Flyer
Cobblestone Arts Center Summer Fun Festival Vendor Agreement 2016

Summer Fun Fest 2016 Flyer

Big Fun at Tonight’s First Friday at The Hungerford

Rie Mayway October Guest Artist with text

I have a colorful shop with 4 artist friends at The Hungerford, in suite 240. It’s an old factory, which was used to make syrup, now turned into 5 floors of artist studios and businesses. Some studios are the workplaces of artists and are open regular hours. Some, like our shop, are retail spaces only. We’re open First Fridays, Second Saturdays and by appointment 7 days/week.

Origamist Rie Maywar is our guest artist in Suite 240 on October First Friday and Second Saturday.

Origamist Rie Maywar is our guest artist in Suite 240 on October First Friday and Second Saturday.

Rie Maywar Framed Butterflies

My partners in art are:

Beautiful Bag
Jean Keane makes fabric accessories for you and your pet. I call her the best fabric picker-outer ever!

Copper Earrings
Lori Prince makes artisan jewelry in a variety of media. She has some really cool new stuff in copper.

Sunburst Bowl
Mary Terziani is a fused glass artist, who loves to make bright, colorful, often floral, vessels.

Colorful Windchimes
Tom Zachman makes decorative glass pieces, stained glass & fused glass. He’s well known for his windchimes, made with new glass and recycled wine bottles too.

Pano 09-29-15
I’m a paper artist, specializing in hand stitched designs, designed on a computer. I make framed art, notepads, paper jewelry and greeting cards. I’ve started dabbling in Origami and have big flowers made from the pages of church hymnals.

09-29-15 Paper Flowers

Black Cat Magnet

Haunted Hungerford

Art isn’t Dead, it’s Undead.

Friday & Saturday night.

Explore a dozen delightfully-disturbing studios at the Hungerford including The Night Gallery, a creepy cool group show, costume contest, and studio raffles!

Donate toiletries for Sample Soap. Even the undead like to look good & smell good!

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