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ArtMarket Workshop Returns!

Art Market Workshop Logo

3 Evenings, 6-9pm
March 21, 23 and 24

The Hungerford
Suite 240, Use Door 2
1115 East Main Street
Rochester, NY

(Free parking, handicapp accessible.)

Through this series of three sessions you will explore and identify specific ways that you can be even more successful in your arts based business. Using a myriad of examples and experiences, Sharon Jeter will guide you in finding the best strategies for your unique work and personality using discussions, worksheets and guidelines as well as small group exercises. The varied handouts and workbook are included in the workshop fee. All you need bring with you is an open mind and a willingness to learn that you CAN be successful in your arts based business.

Sharon just held one of these workshops in January and now it’s back by popular demand. That’s largely because my fellow students and I can’t stop talking about it. Our classmates ranged from a big-time professional artist to newbies. There were several of us right in the middle, I’d say, and we all got quite a lot out of it.

I’ll be honest. I was most nervous about the pricing session. That’s the #1 hardest thing for me and almost every artist I know. I’ve been told from time to time that my prices are too low. I, along with many others, get stuck in the What-the-Market-Will-Bear lane. I’m a math girl, I like numbers and data. I’ve always read about including one’s overhead in the unit price. Figuring that out seemed way too daunting. I had to do it for class – turns out to be not that hard at all. Just do it! I’ll go back and fine tune the list of expenses but first time through, my added cost per item was $1.72.

All of the expertise that Sharon shared about pricing didn’t make me feel worse, as I expected. Just the opposite – it made me feel better! It was freeing, in a way. A number of my pieces were already priced correctly, I was happy to realize. One item so far, the price has doubled, with my new knowledge. That stunned me. But I feel good about it now.

Just last night I was working on a new card. It didn’t appear to have all that much stitching, little bits all over. As usual, I timed myself. All that stitching took an hour! Not what I expected. I’m making it into a framed piece instead. And I found my mind immediately wondering how I could make something in the same vein but involving less work that would be suitable for a greeting card.

Go here to read the full description of what you’ll learn and buy your ticket. The cost is $180 and I’m here to say it will be a good investment. As I’ve said, I like data, and breaking down $180 by 9 hours, you’re paying $20/hour, which to me, is a very fair price. I’m quite sure I will make up the $180 pretty quickly by selling my work at the correct prices.

See what I mean? I can’t stop talking about this workshop!

Art Market Workshop Set-Up

A Taste of Clothesline

Alison Kurek

Tiny Original Paintings by Alison Kurek

September 12 & 13
Saturday, 9:30 – 6:00
Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00
Clothesline Festival

500 University Avenue
Rochester NY 14607

Alison Kurek
Beachcomber Designs
Bird Carver Extraordinaire

Robin Salsbury

Robin Salsbury, Bird Carver Extraordinaire

Cabbages & Kings Stationery
Cat Clay
Crazy About Glass
Flying Whale Studios1st Place in Photography, 2015 Hammondsport Art Show
Generous Spirit Jewelry Designs
KreationalityAward Winner, 2014 Artist Row
Laura Wilder1st Place in Painting/Drawing/Graphics, Corn Hill Arts Festival 2015
Lisa Jane Smith Illustration
Patricia Overmoyer
Sage Studios

Betsy Murray

Betsy Murray, Sunshine on Water

Sunshine on Water
Studio Etc./Joanne Andrews
The Tea Pottery
Wooly Things

Anita Serafin, Crazy About Glass

Anita Serafin, Crazy About Glass

Bob & Karen Holtz, Generous Spirit Designs

Bob & Karen Holtz, Generous Spirit Designs

ArtMarket – Business Workshop for Artists

09-01-15 Sharon Jeter

Art-based business owners – please join us for this 3-session (9 hours!) workshop on running your business effectively. Topics include organizing your work space & record-keeping, how to capture your market and that always challenging task of pricing your work properly. More detail and registration is available on

Instructor: Sharon Jeter.

Thursday, October 1, 6-9pm
Saturday, October 3, 10am-1pm
Monday, October 5, 6-9pm

The Hungerford
Suite 240, Door 2
1115 East Main Street
Rochester, NY 14609

Price: $180

ArtMarket – The business workshop designed specifically for artists and crafters.

ArtMarket will teach you how to:
Identify and align your core values with your work.
Find the best places to show and sell your work.
Organize and maximize your workspace and time.
Tell YOUR story and capture a market.
Price your work to be profitable and grow your arts based business.

The Facebook event page is here for much more detail, including the link to register. Please share with anyone you think might benefit from this workshop!

Sharon's hand built ceramics for sale at last year's Artist Row.

Sharon’s hand built ceramics for sale at last year’s Artist Row.

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