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Believe or Behave: Dec 4 & 5


Friday, December 4, 5-9 pm
Saturday, December 5, 10am – 4pm

Cat Clay
Suite 242, Door 2
The Hungerford
1115 East Main Street
Rochester, NY

Visit Cat Clay and the event’s Facebook page for more info!

Believe or Behave 4 Square

Bugzilla 2015 – STILL Bigger than the Beetles

This annual event celebrates those harbingers of spring: insects!

Friday, March 6, 5:00-9:00pm
Cat Clay (Use Door 2)
The Hungerford
1115 East Main Street
Rochester, NY 14609

Our guest artists have made pieces that pay homage to those critters that fly, creep & crawl.

Come see work created by:
Beth Bloom, Katey Katie Carey, Chris Charles, Karin Marlett Choi, Littlewing Clay, Amber Dutcher, Carolyn R. Ellinger, Shawnee R M Hill, The Knotty Owl, Jenn Libby Studio, Susan Mandl, Bev Rafferty, Sophie Signorini, Paul Taylor Glass, April Younglove and of course, her bugginess, Clifton Wood!

Plus a swell buggy playlist by the uber-cool Miss Clifton.

It’s a Pop Up Roc show – an opening & closing party rolled into one fun night!

Additional parking at the Credit Union & Greenovation.
Please don’t park in front of Happy Feet or the deli. That area is go & tow!

These are woodburned cherry, colored with watercolor pigment, with sterling silver antennae. From left priced $74, $64, and $74. Each butterfly can be found here in New York!

These are woodburned cherry, colored with watercolor pigment, with sterling silver antennae. From left priced $74, $64, and $74. Each butterfly can be found here in New York! By Ashley Landon of The Knotty Owl.

Glass Dermestid beetles on a raccoon skull.

Glass Dermestid beetles on a raccoon skull. By Paul Taylor of Paul Taylor Glass.

Felted Caterpillars, Mushrooms and Stones, Littlewing Clay

Felted Caterpillars, Mushrooms and Stones, Littlewing Clay

Dichotomy: Handmade in Rochester

I contributed, won’t you consider joining me in supporting this great venture, so good for those who make art, buy and enjoy art?

Dichotomy Indiegogo

Dichotomy is a cooperative of artists who are living and working in the greater Rochester region. We show our work in local galleries and participate in Rochester’s abundant art festivals, and are now interested in developing a deeper bond with our community.

We plan to open a Park Avenue storefront on July 27th, 2013. The work of over twenty local artists, including glassware, jewelry, pottery, painting, prints, textiles and a variety of other work both non-functional and functional will be available to the public.

Our History

Before we had a name, Dichotomy was a group of artists who found themselves working side by side in local art festivals and on consignment in local shops. The need for a cooperative gallery was a regular topic of conversation. So, in 2010 Dichotomy co-owner Lindsey Collier Sears decided to put her years of retail experience to good use by opening a temporary commercial gallery in an idle storefront used by Jackson Hewitt during the tax season, but vacant the rest of the year. For five months, more than 30 Rochester area artists showed work in a wide variety of styles and materials. This experience left us wanting more.

For three years, our group hosted pop-up shows all over the Finger Lakes Region, including monthly First Friday exhibits in our current home in The Hungerford Building in downtown Rochester, while our founders gathered training and experience. Finally, on January 7th, 2013, at the first official meeting of Dichotomy Rochester, the goal to open a permanent commercial gallery in the heart of our city was agreed upon.

Our Goals

This campaign is your opportunity to help us take this next step. We will open the doors of our Park Avenue storefront on July 27th, 2013. Our fundraising goal of $7200 will help us transform a modest space from a pedicure station to a gallery suitable for our eclectic collection. It will allow us to set the stage to begin a new leg of our journey, serving two communities.

We want to serve both Rochester’s artists and consumers equally. The consumer response to handmade markets in the past few years shows a desire for unique goods that have been constructed with integrity. Rochester citizens want to express themselves, their culture and their regional style with art and goods that are uniquely Rochestarian. While galleries and pop-up markets offer an eclectic sampling of local flare, it is hard to build a relationship with a maker on the move. We want to offer a convenient shopping experience with the variety and quality we have come to expect from our local art festivals.

Our artists will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with collectors and can offer customization services if they choose. They can participate in a community of makers who can share knowledge and experience. We can support each other, help each other grow and develop as artists and business owners. As Dichotomy grows the opportunities we can offer the creative community grow as well.

Buy Local

Filling your needs by shopping at a locally owned business has a positive effect on your regional economy. Compared to spending your money in a big box store, when you buy from a locally owned business a larger percentage of your money remains in the local economy, which happens because local business owners employ more local individuals and are more likely to purchase supplies and materials for their business locally.

Now consider the effect your dollar spent has when you spend it at a local business that also sources their products from local manufacturers. The money our business takes in will be split between Dichotomy and the individual artists who make our products. When you make a purchase with us you know you are helping to create local jobs within our store and in the various other businesses we represent, and you are also contributing to the local businesses we and our artists purchase our supplies and materials from. Your money goes around and around your city benefiting every individual involved in the series of transactions that follow yours, instead of leaving the city and going to a national or global corporation.

Buying local creates a snowball effect. The more money that circulates locally, the more businesses will pop up and more of your needs can be filled locally. The result is a strong, resilient local economy that can better serve its community by providing products and services based on regional desires as well as an overall higher quality customer service. Rochester deserves better than cookie cutter stores, and the same products every other city offers. Use your purchases to help our unique city thrive.


Our Perks

The perks available represent the variety and quality of work you can expect to find in our shop. For more information about the makers of these perks, check out the following sites:

Soft Shell Crafts

Cecropian Minerva

The Knotty Owl

Fine Specimen

Cat Clay

Heather Swenson

J Nelson Glass

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