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New! Holiday Guide – from Sweet Whimsy Designs!

Holiday Guide 2014

Leandra Sweet is an amazing woman I met at Rochester Brainery in 2013. I’ve watched her peg dolls get more refined and creative than you could ever believe possible for a peg doll. Such detail on tiny pieces of wood!

I saw a mention from her in social media a few weeks ago, that she was putting together a holiday guide. It caught my eye because that is something I specifically wanted to search out this year, for the four entities that I passionately promote:

My own paper art business, Pine Tree Designs.

My actual steady-paying job, the manager of the gift department of Fairport Pharmacy.

My beloved community of artists, Rochester Artisans.

My newest venture, Hungerford 318, a shop in The Hungerford that I co-own with Jean Keane, Lori Prince, Mary Terziani and Tom Zachman.

I’ve barely researched it, know I have to start earlier in the year, but at least holiday guides are on my radar now. I’ve been mainly focusing on navigating the world of press releases and just learning what promotional options are available, outside of Facebook. 2014 has been the year of remembering there is life outside of Facebook. No, really!


Which brings us to Instagram. When it first arrived on the social media scene, I made a conscious decision to stay away from it, simply because I did not want One More Thing. But during the last few months I’ve noticed more and more usage of it and have heard it’s great for promoting and sharing.

So I opened an account a couple of weeks ago and I love it! Which is maybe what I was afraid of in the first place. 🙂 I, like most artists I guess, am a very visual person. Second only to Pinterest, I love the visual fulfillment I get from Instagram. Like I said, I’m new – only have 10 posts so far.

Back to Leandra Sweet. I love her blog, I love seeing photos of her 3 little Sweets, 2 girls and 1 boy; she homeschools them. I love her enthusiasm and passion. And boy, is she all over Instagram!

When the student is ready, Leandra appears! I am in her {Handmade} Holiday Gift Guide 2014, featuring the gift shop at Fairport Pharmacy, home to 60+ local artisans – and Hungerford 318. Leandra introduced me to the world of giveaway loops on Instagram. I love learning new things! Ours runs through November 6 so I wanted to get this posted ASAP to alert you. You’ll recognize a good number of Rochester Artisans as you loop through the shops. (The instructions are included here.

This giveaway loop heavily features shops which sell stuff for kids, which makes sense since that is the demographic for Leandra’s peg dolls and she has little kids. I finally re-opened my Etsy shop this week and really need to beef that up, and then I can very easily see myself getting into more of these, geared more toward my demographic. I can also see myself running a few of these throughout 2015. (Oops! Was that out loud??)

In the span of the 7 hours this giveaway loop has been up, my followers increased from 72 to 596. See why I need to stock up my Etsy shop?? If only a fraction of those 596 turned into buyers, I’d be happy.

Christmas Tree Card Kit

Ornament Sale to Benefit 3 Area Rescues

Ornament Sale Poster 500

Several Rochester Artisans have hand crafted ornaments in this sale
at Tuxedo’s K9 Training Camp and Day Care!

First Friday at The Hungerford, Oct 3, 6-9pm

Hungerford Logo 576 x 386

• Create Art 4 Good (201) is unveiling a new exhibit of new works by artist, Susan Carmen-Duffy
• Quilt artist, Julia Deal is the “Artist of the Month ” in the Main Street Artists’ (452-458)
• Off the Cuff Designs (333) is featuring live music by Jim Lane
• It’s not to late to pick out Halloween beads with Francesca DeCaire (216)
• Stop by Hungerford 318 (318) and shop the new collection of holiday ornaments

Additional parking is available at the Credit Union across Main Street, on the east side of the building, and at Greenovation.

201, Create Art 4 Good
215, Nancy Murty
216, Francesca DeCaire
222, VonBrake Spices
225, Genesee Libby
228, Happy Earth Tea
228, Kumagama Clay Studio & Gallery
234, Airigami
236, Constance Mauro Studio
242, Cat Clay
258, Blue Toucan Studios
258, Creativ Framing & Art
258, Chenille Macabre
318, Hungerford 318
318, Stefani Tadio
318, Tom Zachman Glass
333, Off the Cuff Designs
344, Rituals In Metal & Stone
350, Delish Glass
356, The Group in the Loop
406, HessMess Creations
417, Nomadic Photographic Arts
420, The Tea Pottery
428, Hodaka Pottery
458, Margot Fass
458, Suzi Zefting-Kuhn Artworks
437-439, Rochester Art Club
452-458, Main Street Artists’
Door #9, Warren Phillips Fine Art & Frame

Can’t make it Friday? Join us for Second Saturday, Oct. 11th from 10am–3pm.

Hungerford 318 Launches Holiday Ornaments on First Friday, October 3

2014 Hungerford 318 Ornaments

First they were artists, then they became friends.

We met online a few years ago through Rochester Artisans, a community of artists founded by Stefani Tadio in 2009. Over time we ran into each other at local craft shows – and it didn’t take long for us to become good friends,” says glass artist Tom Zachman.

Jean Keane, JK Stitches, Shortsville, NY, uses whimsical and elegant fabrics to create useful accessories for pets and their humans.

Lori Prince, L Prince Designs Art Jewelry, Rochester, NY, creates artisan jewelry using copper, sterling silver, polymer clay and resin.

Stefani Tadio, Pine Tree Designs, Fairport, NY, designs symmetrical patterns on a computer, then stitches them by hand on paper, to make framed art, greeting cards and notepads.

Mary Terziani, Mary Terziani Glass, Rochester, NY, kiln fires colorful glass into bowls, plates and coasters in a very painterly style.

Tom Zachman, Tom Zachman Glass, Webster, NY, uses both recycled and new glass to make his one of a kind wind chimes and ornaments, often combined with steel elements.

“Over dinner, we’d talk about having a retail space to use for selling our art, to supplement our art fair income,” adds Lori Prince. “And we knew The Hungerford is where we wanted to be. It’s a four-story former syrup factory turned into artist studios and shops primarily, along with other businesses as well.”

H318 Banner

The five artists opened Hungerford 318 in June 2014. The group has joined HUA (Hungerford Urban Artists) to promote all that goes on in the building. And HUA is a member of both NOTABA (Neighborhood of the Arts Business Association) and The Market District. While all five artists live in the suburbs of Rochester, they are strong supporters of the local art scene everywhere.

“We’re all proud of each other’s work so it’s easy to talk with customers. It’s nice having five people to split the rent and provide coverage during events if some of us are busy with shows on weekends,” says Jean Keane.

Mary Terziani chimes in, “And working with friends is such a nice bonus!”

For October’s First Friday, on October 3 (6-9pm), the artists are launching their 2014 collection of ornaments, perfect for the holidays but beautiful for year-round display too.

The historic Hungerford building is located at 1115 East Main Street in downtown Rochester, near the Public Market. The artists are active participants in the highly popular First Friday (6-9pm) and Second Saturday (10am-3pm) events at The Hungerford, and their shop is also open by appointment.

Hungerford Logo 576 x 386

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