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Victor Farmington Christmas Stocking Project

I can’t imagine enjoying the holidays if I didn’t help people in need. I have listened to many a Mother that is crying on the phone to me because they can’t afford to buy what their kid wants. It’s heartbreaking. Kids don’t understand why other kids they know get a stocking from Santa but they don’t.

It puts everything in shocking clarity.

Victor resident, mother, wife, Democrat & Chronicle blogger, photographer, architect and chronic do-gooder Terryn Maybeck believes in the Stocking Project so deeply that she has somehow mustered the strength in the midst of her chemotherapy treatments for her second hellish rollercoaster ride with ovarian cancer to make sure the less fortunate kids of Victor and Farmington will have a better Christmas than they imagine possible.

I love that Terryn has reached out to her fellow Rochester Artisans to add our handcrafted items to the stockings. Dollar Store items fill the bill quite often, but there’s nothing like creativity that comes straight from the heart.

Terryn is an artist. She knows.

You can read how the program works here: Victor Farmington Stocking Program 2012

Email Terryn to let her know what you can do to help her, help give kids a merrier Christmas this year.

Deadline for getting stocking items to Terryn is November 26, 2012.

Sunday Saved the Weekend

My heart went out to my artist friends participating in the art & craft shows this weekend. Saturday, in these parts, was chilly and rainy. Thankfully, Sunday showed up just like it was supposed to, full of sunshine and renewed spirit!

I printed 100 of the new business cards that I designed last night. Those images are just your garden variety Microsoft clip art. If there’s a member among us who wants to take a stab at making this better, have at it. I really like the concept though, of including as many mediums as space allows. And you know I love little boxes all lined up nice and neat. I’m pretty happy with this overall – but am more than happy to consider anything else similar!

I spent about 4 hours at Fairport Canal Days today, hanging out with artist friends, meeting Rochester Crafters in person whom I only knew online and of course recruiting new members. I gave out all 100 of those business cards so I’ll be reprinting more when I head to my studio shortly. I’ve now added my personal contact information on the back – not sure why I didn’t think of that earlier.

Here are some of our artist members I talked to today. Unfortunately I didn’t photograph every member I ran into because sometimes I got so busy yakking with them, I forgot! Shocking, I know. Click on the images to visit the artist’s website.

Jean Keane of Cuddle-Up Quilts

Cynthia Schmidt - The Cranky Cat Collection

Anita Serafin - Crazy About Glass

Christine Coffey - Adorn by Christine

Pam LoCicero - Western New York Women's Art Group

Roberta Selfridge - Butterflips

Terryn Maybeck - Wild Nellys World

Tom Dwyer - Tom Dwyer Photography

Tom Zachman - Tom Zachman Fused Glass

Anytime any members have photographs of Rochester Crafters members at their shows or events, email them to me and I’ll get them posted too. We love to see our friends and promote our businesses!

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