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With Love, From Friends

With Love, From Friends

I’ve written about the amazing Eve Elzenga last year, both before and after going to her house to help make cards for her beloved project, With Love, From Friends, now in it’s 6th year.

“My fondest hope is that we can remember all of our seniors without families — especially those who are not financially advantaged,” Elzenga says. “Everyone deserves to be remembered, appreciated and loved.”

The purple card, lower right, was hand stitched by yours truly!

The purple card, lower right, was hand stitched by yours truly!

This year, the program is being run a little bit differently. Due to personal reasons, Eve is unable to host card-making parties in her home so she encourages artists to gather together in their own homes and studios to make cards and deliver them to her no later than February 2. Free supplies are available from Eve – but of course you can use your own high quality supplies as a part of your donation. More details are available here.

2012  card by Jen Born of PS Enjoy Your Life

2012 card by Jen Born of PS Enjoy Your Life

I want to stress on Eve’s behalf how important it is that these are high quality artful cards. This is an adult project, not intended for children’s groups. It’s also important to note these guidelines, in order to make the cards that seniors will truly be able to enjoy. Know your audience, right? 🙂

From our Rochester Artisans involvement in 2012, Vickie Porter is in the foreground and Lori Prince sits with Eve in the background.

From our Rochester Artisans involvement in 2012, Vickie Porter is in the foreground and Lori Prince works with Eve in the background.

See the pink hand stitched card, upper right? Yep, me again!

See the pink hand stitched card, upper right? Yep, me again!

Here are more cards for inspiration!

And while you’re there – also check out her Picasa album of her wedding consultant work – she’s the real deal – has a flair for everything she does!

With Love from Friends in Review

You may recall this post where I wrote about super human being Eve Elzenga and her project, With Love from Friends, which provides artfully created Valentines to the elderly of our community who no longer have family in their lives.

(Couple of notes: the parts where I talked too fast and/or mumble – don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. And I’ll slow down in the future, I promise. As I explain at the end, I’ll be buying a video camera so the quality will get better and more interesting. Allegedly.

Also – the part where I can’t remember a woman’s name – insert Katie.)

Here’s how are happy day went!

On to the photos.

Check out the wall color! Clearly, or at least I think, that Eve decorated the room to be perfect for this program to take place each January. Love the rich color.

Here’s the paper department I spoke of. (I can’t believe I said pre-made, in the video. What the hell does that even mean? They are made. Period.) The stack of paper on the chair is what Vickie and I brought with us. The top of the dresser in the background is full of paper too.

Drumroll please! My Happy Place.

I checked the other entry I wrote about this and I see the official card making schedule has concluded, understandably. Eve’s goal for 2012 was 1500 cards I believe – that’s a lot to get organized for the various agencies by February 14.

If you would like to still contribute cards, cash, supplies, contact Eve Elzenga by email or phone: 585 733-2579.

Edited to add – Eve emailed me this morning in response to my sending the link to this post to her and Annette – she’ll accept cards anytime.

And be sure to join us in January 2013 – it’s already on my calendar!

With Love From Friends

I met the lovely Eve Elzenga at the 2011 Fiber Art show at the Memorial Art Gallery last April. She told me about the With Love From Friends project she founded in 2008. Its purpose is to make and distribute Valentine’s Day cards for elders in our community who are without families. (The project now makes Veterans Day remembrances too.)

Eve was honored to win a 2011 Jefferson Award for her public service!

The name comes from the words inside each card, “With Love, from Friends”.

Actually, the project’s goals are three-fold:

• To make unique/beautiful homemade Valentines that are distributed to elderly people without families in the Rochester region. This “remembrance” is a symbol of both love and respect for elders.

• To introduce creative, compassionate adults to one another to build/strengthen community ties and goodwill.

• To have fun while being creative.

As Eve explained the project to me, I told her she had me at “making cards”! When I got home that night, I looked through all the photos from 2011.

Here’s how to get involved:

1. Volunteer to Make Cards: call or email for information.
585 733-2579
Email Eve Elzenga

2. Organize your card/scrapbooking/artist group to make cards.

3. Make a Cash Gift for supplies/materials.

4. Donate Craft Store Gift Cards or New/Vintage Craft Materials.

I think Rochester Artisans are perfectly suited to to help with this project! I would be so proud if we could count ourselves among the 70+ artists expected to participate, to help Eve reach her 2012 goal of creating 1500 Valentine’s Day cards.

Eve emailed me the following schedule for card-making:

With Love From Friends
415 Mt. Vernon Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620

Thur, Jan 19: 1 – 8 pm
Fri, Jan 20:  11 – 8 pm
Sun, Jan 22: 11 – 6 pm
Mon, Jan 23: 1 – 8 pm
Tues, Jan 24: 1 – 8 pm
Wed, Jan 25: 2 – 7 pm
Fri, Jan 27:    2 – 8 pm
Sat, Jan 28: 10 – 6 pm
Mon, Jan 30: 11 – 5 pm finish up day
Tues, Jan 31 1 – 4 pm final day

I’m going this Sunday, January 22 at 11:00 – and invite you to join me there!

Whenever you decide to go, be sure to shoot Eve an email so she knows how many people to expect at each session.

For further information:
585 733-2579
Email Eve Elzenga or visit With Love from Friends.

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